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Our Services

With over a decade of experience, we're the right choice for your brickwork, stone reclamation, or masonry project.

High Quality Masonry Services

Turn to Stone Haven Masonry Inc for specialised stone and brickwork that is done with utmost professionalism and skill. When you hire us, rest assured that we will not leave until the job is complete and perfectly executed.

Stone Reclamation & Restoration

We can handle any stone reclamation or restoration project. From new builds to repairs on existing foundations or walls.

Brickwork & Masonry Services

Do you need repairs to existing brickwork? Or do you have a new brick wall or veneer that you need installed? We can help.

Chimney Repair

Have a problem chimney? We are experts in chimney repair. From structural or veneer repairs to flue or liner repairs.

New Construction

We are a full-service masonry company that can handle ICF Foundations, block buildings, stone and brick veneers, and more.

Your Masonry Experts

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